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Your Keys To Personal Success
* Developing models
* Abstract thinking
* Analytical processes
* Exploring ideas
* A variety of interests
* Striving for competency
* Admiring intelligence
* Storing wisdom and knowledge
* Being a perfectionist
* Abhorring redundancy
* Utilizing precise language
* Handling complexity

With Green As Your Color, You Tend To...

* Dream of: Truth, perfection, accuracy
* Value: Answers, resolutions, intelligence, explanations
* Regard: Efficiency, increased output, reduced waste
* Dislike: Injustice and unfairness
* Express: Coolness, calm, and collected reservation
* Foster: Inventions and technology
* Respect: Knowledge and capability
* Promote: Effectiveness, competence, and know-how

Keys to Success with Friends... of Greens

Orange Friends

This may not seem like a likely combination but in fact, the values and behaviors of these two colors tend to be complimentary. You are not followers, and you both display independence in what you want to do. There is a mutual respect for "doing your own thing" that makes many Greens seem Orange and in fact they may act very Orange, except that they are more thought-oriented than action-oriented.

Gold Friends

If you are around a lot of Gold friends you are usually the scholarly/business type who enjoys being with the serious Golds. You can open up the Gold person to new possibilities and take them out of the "rut" Gold's can get into. Too many Gold friends, however, may mean a lack of stimulation that you need.

Blue Friends

Your Blue friends can get you "out of your head" long enough to show you the "feeling" side of life. This is a great creative combination with unlimited possibilities. Blues can open you up to the artistic and communicative side of life and show you ways to express your own creativity. They are usually much more people-oriented than thought-oriented Greens.

Green Friends

It helps if you have a lot of friends from your own color group. Other Greens offer the stimulation of ideas and concepts so vital to your thinking. If all of your friends are from the Green color group, there may be a lack of socialization leading to being stuck with only ideas or computers with few outside interests. You may have the tendency to become the classic "nerd" with nothing to do but think about new technology--if you only associate with other Greens. Be sure to broaden your horizons by at least making a few friends from other color groups.

What To Look For When You're Out of Esteem (When you're having a bad day)

* Indecisive
* Refusal to comply or cooperate
* Extreme aloofness and withdrawal
* Snobbish, put-down remarks, and sarcasm
* Refusal to communicate; the silent treatment
* Perfectionism due to severe performance anxiety
* Highly critical attitudes toward yourself and others

"Crazy doesn't even begin to cover it."