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Your Keys To Personal Success
* Authenticity as a standard
* Seeking reality
* Devotion to relationships
* Cultivating potential in others
* Assuming creative roles in life's drama
* Writing and speaking with poetic flair
* Self-searching
* Having a life of significance
* Sensitivity to subtlety

* Spirituality
* Making a difference in the world
* Seeking harmony

With Blue As Your Color, You Tend To...

* Dream of: Love, affection, authenticity
* Value: Compassion, sympathy, rapport
* Regard: Meaning,significance, identity
* Dislike: Hypocrisy, deception, insincerity
* Express: Vivacity, enthusiasm, inspiration
* Foster: Potential growth in people, harmony
* Respect: Nurturing, empathy, sharing of feelings
* Promote: Growth and development in others

Keys to Success with Friends... of Blues

Orange Friends

Your Orange friends provide a good balance for you. Your values differ greatly, but you are often attracted to each other--especially in the opposite sexes. Orange friends may use for a "sounding board" to test the validity of their energy and feelings.

Gold Friends

A natural affinity exists between you and Gold individuals in that both of you are "joiners", and both of you are sociable. This combination is very helpful for you because it enables you to keep both of your feet on the ground, have someone dependable close by, and it helps you to feel like you have a "true friend in need."

Blue Friends

Like colors enjoy being together. Blues enjoy socializing, so it is not uncommon to find a large group of them together--this is especially true for females. Blue people are "joiners" and can usually be found in many clubs and social activities.

Green Friends

This is a great creative combination with unlimited possibilities. You are helpful to your Green friends because you are so skillful when interacting with others; and your Green friends help you by generating ideas that can benefit others. You are drawn to friends who exhibit warmth and concern for you because this is how you treat others. Your Green friends may disappoint you at times because they are not as expressive of their feelings as you would like for them to be.

What To Look For When You're Out of Esteem (When you're having a bad day)

* Attention-getting behavior
* Lying to save face
* Withdrawal
* Fantasy, day-dreaming, and trancing out
* Crying and depression
* Passive resistance
* Yelling and screaming

"Crazy doesn't even begin to cover it."