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Your Keys To Personal Success
* Generosity
* The work ethic
* A parental nature
* Ceremony
* A sense of history
* Dignity, culture
* Perpetuating heritage
* Steadfastness
* A value of order
* Predictibility
* Home and family
* Establishing and organizing institutions

With Gold As Your Color, You Tend To...

* Dream of: Assets, wealth, influence, status, security
* Value: Dependability, accountability, responsibility
* Regard: Service, dedication
* Dislike: Disobedience, non-conformity, insubordination
* Express: Concern, stability, purpose
* Foster: Institutions and traditions
* Respect: Loyalty and obligation
* Promote: Groups, ties, bonds, associations, and organizations

Keys to Success with Friends... of Golds

Orange Friends

This is an unusual combination because of a large number of conflicting values. You usually do not understand or agree with the Orange need for spontaneity and you view it as irresponsible. Orange friends can, however, bring fun and spontaneity into your life--within moderation.

Gold Friends

As with all color groups, you have many friends of similar type. In the school culture your Gold culture stands out from the Orange "teen culture" and you will find clubs or organizations to join in search of "like-minded" friends. With shared interests and values, Gold friends are quite helpful to one another, supporting each other. Being goal-directed and have a "get it done" attitude contribute to your no-nonsense approach to school.

Blue Friends

A natural affinity exists between Gold's and Blue's in that you are both "joiners" and are sociable. When you also have strong Blue characteristics, you may find you have a natural understanding and appreciation of subjects such as English and philosophy.

Green Friends

If most of your friends are Green, you are usually the scholarly type that enjoys thought provoking interaction with others. Your Green friends open you up to new possibilities and take you out of the "rut" you sometimes put yourself in. However, too many Green friends may mean a lack of socialization that you need.

What To Look For When You're Out of Esteem (When you're having a bad day)

* Complaining and self-pity
* Anxiety and worry
* Depression and fatigue
* Psychosomatic problems
* Malicious judgements about yourself and others
* Herd mentality exhibited in blind following of leaders
* Authoritarianism and phobic reactions

"Crazy doesn't even begin to cover it."