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Your Keys To Personal Success

* The impulse to really live
* Testing the limits
* The need for variation
* Excitement and light-heartedness
* Charged adventure
* Being a natural entertainer
* Spontaneous relationships
* Taking off for somewhere else
* Being able to act in a crisis
* A love of tools
* Charm, wit, and fun
* Taking defeats only temporarily
* Considering waiting as emotional death

With Orange As Your Color, You Tend To...

* Dream of: Being free, spontaneity, impetuousness
* Value: Skills, grace, finesse, and charisma
* Regard: Opportunities, options, and competition
* Dislike: Rigidness, authority, and forcelessness
* Express: Optimism, impatience, eagerness, and confidence
* Foster: Recreation, fun, and enjoyment
* Respect: Skill and artistic expression
* Promote: Stimulation and risk

Keys to Success with Friends... of Oranges

Orange Friends

You have a strong attachment to your orange friends and tend to "hang out" together. You have a "fraternal" attachment and like to be in the action together--One for all and all for one! If all your friends are Orange, you really go for the gusto! Since one of your values is test the limits, the energy created by all of you as a group may end up getting you into serious trouble. Many Orange individuals find that they can channel this energy effectively in Sports or other competitive activities.

Gold Friends

This is an unusual combination because of so many conflicting values. The Gold people do not understand or agree with your need for spontaneity and views it as irresponsible. If many of your friends are Gold, you may want to look over the Orange characteristics again to make sure they really describe you. The Gold friends that you do keep around can help to stabilize you and show you how to funnel your energy in more productive ways.

Blue Friends

You are quite different in values, but you still find yourself attracted to one another--especially in opposite sex relationships. Your Blue friends can be very helpful to you because they'll allow you to bounce your spontaneity and energy off of them to how it affects others.

Green Friends

This may not seem to be a likely combination, but in fact, your values are complementary. Neither of you are followers--you're independent in what you want to do. There is a mutual respect for "doing your own thing" that makes Greens (and even act) Orange. The main difference is that Greens live more in their minds and through their thoughts than through their actions.

What To Look For When You're Out of Esteem (When you're having a bad day)

* Rudeness and defiance
* Breaking the rules intentionally
* Running away and dropping out
* Use of stimulants
* Acting out boisterously
* Lying and cheating
* Physical aggressiveness

"Crazy doesn't even begin to cover it."